Monday, 27 August 2012

Julija Shop Antwerp........

On a recent trip to Antwerp, I fell across the most gorgeous haberdashery shop, Julija.
The large airy shop is filled with the most beautiful fabric's, with really cute, but contemporary children's graphics. Every type of button and every colour of yarn you could possibly imagine. I'm not sure if they ship overseas but they have a lovely blog, click here for more info.

Haberdasheries, sadly, seam to be the thing of the past, if you have any recommendations of a good one please let us know!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Simple and striking Art for the walls......

We recently did some DIY in our office, the freshly painted Farrow & Ball walls, albeit a gorgeous colour, were looking a bit bare, and with not a big stash of petty cash, we created this impressive Pantone picture for less then £50!

Here's how you can create one for yourself!

Firstly grab yourself a Pantone Postcard Book Amazon seam to be the cheapest.

Then, pic out your favorite colours, laying them in rows of odd numbers, as odd numbers tend to look better, e.g 3x3 or 5x5.

Once you have decided your layout take a quick pic so you don't forget (top tip!)

Now, I love a bargain who doesn't! I have scoured the internet and I believe that I have found the best and cheapest picture framing place in the UK! Picture Frames Expres.

Measure the postcards, pick which frame you like, the colour of the mount etc etc and away you go!  The first time I did this I completely messed it up and got myself confused, being slightly blonde, if you like I are a complete techno phoebe, then don't worry, give them a call, they are very helpful.

Ta dah! Out new Pantone Pic.

Why not give it a bash!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Cordwainers at the London College of Fashion Graduation

I was recently invited to my old College's, (Cordwainers at the London College of Fashion's) Graduate show.

The standard of work was amazing and so inspiring. One particular graduate stood out for me So - Yeon Ahn. Her work is so contemporary, I defiantly want a pair! Gorgeous wedge's with a perspect  platform, made from the most buttery calf leather, So- Yeon's collection would defiantly look fabulous in Selfridges shoe lounge!

To see So- Yeon's whole collection please click here.

I'd like to wish So- Yeon and the rest of the graduates all the best in there future careers.

Design Sheet : Lucifer

Lilith & Lucifer

So- Yeon Ahn and her Lucifer shoe

Monday, 6 August 2012

A Little trip to the sea side.........

Hasn't this Summer been a bit of a wash out? I know us Brits like a good moan about the weather!

A free weekend, when it was touch and go with what the weather was going to be doing, let us escape to Brighton, only 60mins from central London on the train.

Fresh sea air! I quick picnic shop and eight hours of sun on the beach with a few drinkies on the front. Bliss!

Good job we went yesterday, because would you believe it, its just started raining!

The sea

Love this Bead shop

Brighton West Pier that sadly burnt down in March 2003

Pebbles that make Brighton Beach famous


Busker on the front, very good I thought!