Monday, 29 October 2012

A vintage fair isle shirt...........

For those of you who follow us you will know that all of the appliqued personalized letters we use on our products are made from unwanted garments, either stuff that's damaged and being thrown out or special finds from charity shop across the land.

On a recent shopping trip to our favorite charity shop we came across this gorgeous vintage fair isle shirt.

A charity shop find

Perfect we thought for our personalized upcycled Christmas stockings! Ta dah!

Christmas Personalized Upcycled Stocking - Vintage Shirt £6.50 

The shirt isn't very large, we think we can get about 10 letters out of it, so once its gone its gone! Don't miss out! You can order yours from our store.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Play Aprons

Have you seen our new addition to the family? They are so cute!!

Children's personalized play aprons, your child will never come back from nursery or school with someone else's apron ever again!

As always you can get any of our products from our store.

Apron Personalised and upcycled £8.50

Monday, 15 October 2012

Up-cycling your personalized up-cycled party bags!

On a recent trip away, I needed to hand harry lots of essential bits and bobs, my hand bag was getting messy. Out came the old party bags,............ Ta dah! Reuse, recycle and up-cycle!

What do you use yours for? x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Wedding Favor Bags personalised and upcycled, of course ;)

The past few weeks have been crazy here at TFPBC towers!

We were asked to design and make 125, yep 125!! wedding favor bags.

Our design is a simple, initial heart initial, like you use to carve into the old wooden school desks!

If you need something special for any occasion, just send us an email at or visit our store.

Cut out production line

Wedding favor bags personalized and upcycled!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Halloween Party bags.......

Halloween is not far away now!

As you know we use unwanted garments or off cuts of fabric to make our personalized upcycled products, we found a job lot of Halloween off cuts which we snapped up to make you these! We have 6 types of fabric from back cats to metallic pumpkins.

Our Halloween personalized party bags are only £2.25 each available from our store

Happy Halloween! x

Our Halloween off cuts.
Party Bags