Friday, 30 December 2011

The Friendly Party bag Co's Memory Tree

So Christmas went with a blink of an eye! We were so busy making our personalized upcycled stockings we forgot to blog about our tree.

When I was little, we never had a 'real' tree which made me rebel when I finally flew the nest. So every year for the past 12 years I have had a real tree, the smell is just amazing!

I like to call my tree the Memory Tree. There is no theme or colour palette, its just stuff I have collected over the years, like a string of white disco balls which I bought from a market in Hong Kong, little Babushka Dolls which the other half bought me from a trip to Moscow, and glitter candy canes from crate and barrel on a boxing day holiday to the Big Apple.

I also put my The Friendly Party Bag Co's personalized stockings under the tree, strange considering I have a very nice fire place!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!


p.s the tree comes down tomorrow, as much as I love it I need the space back and I can not stand the mess!

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co, Stockings hanging on the fire.

We posted our last Stocking today! we have taken the stocking off our site, only because the last post is tomorrow :( we have had a very busy few months making our personalised, upcycled stockings! We have had great customer feedback on our Facebook page, with an influex of pictures, of our stockings hanging over some gorgeous fireplaces!

Here just a few!...........

Merry Christmas! x

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co's new QR!

I have to be honest now, I'm not very techie (as I'm sure you can tell by our blog!) Have you seen those funny little bar codes on posters and food packaging? I have been wondering what they are! Well, according to a techie friend of mine they are what you call a QR code! which means its like a secrete message.

If you have a scanner app on you phone, you scan it and a the message comes up! AMAZING!

Or you can scan it and a website comes up! check out ours:

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Friendly Party bag Co's Facebook Feedback

Christmas is coming, not long now! we are selling personalized stockings made from unwanted fabric.
Check out our shop!

We have had some great feed back on our Facebook page, which has made us all warm and fuzzy inside!
Here are just a few! x

Monday, 28 November 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co doesn't like plastic bags!

We don't like plastic bags, they are not good for our world! so lets not encourage our kids with plastic party bags! why not give them a fabric reusable, up-cycled, personalized one! Available from our shop filled or unfilled!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co's and Poco Nido at the Rose n Lily Advent Fair!

Yesterday we had a lovely day at the Rose n Lily Advent fair in Chipperfield. It really started to feel like Christmas, not long now!................

We were there with our good friends from Poco Nido  who were introducing their gorgeous collection of t-shirts and pram shoes.

Rose n Lily had a gorgeous display of shabby chic furniture and gifts........

And of course we were their with our party bags, fillers and upcycled christmas stockings!

Off to Sheffield next month for more Christmas fairs!!! x

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co special customized order!

We were clocking up the over time last week at TFPBC towers! We had a request to do a special order for a special little girl, as she loves all thing ballet, we designed a one off pattern for her party!

Not forgetting the boys!

We had some great feedback from our customer, which made the late night worth it!


Thank you so much, for creating the bags so well and so quickly. They were here when I arrived this morning, and they are lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the smiles when these are given out at the party.

Best wishes,

If you have a special birthday coming up and need special party bags please get in touch!
tel: 07807 007172

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co at Rose and Lily's Advent Fair in Chipperfield.

Our Friends Rose 'n' Lily are hosting an Advent Fair in Chipperfield's Village Hall, and of course we will be there showing a selection of Up cycled Personalized Christmas Stockings, Stocking Fillers and of course not forgetting our Personalized Party Bags! (If you can't make it, don't forget you can order from our shop!)

Our good friend Poco Nido will be there too, selling there first batch of t-shirts and taking pram shoe pre orders!

Other Stalls include, gorgeous personalized  Christmas CARDS, hand made DECORATIONS, hand crafted JEWELLERY, CAKES and puddings, luxury HAMPERS, a kids CRAFT table and FREE tea and coffee.

Not forgetting gorgeous furniture from Rose 'n' Lily.

Everything you need for a unique and shabby chic Christmas!

We look forward to seeing you there, sunday 20th November 10am - 3pm!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co's Up cycled Christmas Stockings.

Christmas is not far away now, can you believe it? Time fly's!
To add to our collection or gorgeous up-cycled personalized party bags we have made a small batch of personalized up-cycled stockings. Now selling in our shop.  Choose from red and white polka dot or gingham, once you have checked out just let us know which initial's you require.

Large initial personalized Christmas Stocking £5.00.

Christmas Tree personalized Stocking £6.50.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween From The Friendly Party Bag Co.

Happy Halloween! this is Percy the pumpkin. he now shares our kitchen, and he makes very nice soup!
The spiders like him too......... wooohahahahahahahahaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa, woohahahahahahahahahahhahahahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa...............................................................

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co are selling in Rose n Lily's Shop Chipperfield.

We have had a busy week preparing stock for Rose n Lily's shop! the shop opens on 29th October 2011 and will be selling a selection of furniture and gifts and taking orders for personalized Party Bags and Christmas Stockings! Here is a sneak preview our party bag displays!

and of our gorgeous Christmas Stockings, tree or not to tree!

Check out our shop to order.

The Rose N Lilys Ladies outside their new shop! for more info follow them on Facebook.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's ideas for Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner! any excuse for a party. Take a look at our at our Halloween's Party food ideas. When researching Halloween foods we found some horrible ideas, which actually turn my tum slightly, (wimp I know) but we also found some cute ideas for kids too! and quite heathy! Happy Halloween!
......... Oh, don't for get the party bags!!!

Top Left from
Top Right from another lunch
Bottom Right from another lunch
Bottom Left from 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co and our friends at Families Magazine

September was a busy month for us! We have been working with our friends at Families Magazine. We advertised in their West London issue. For those of you who missed it, check it out below:

Check out the link for more info online.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co at Portobello Market London.

Last week my mother and I did Portobello Market in London! After an early start 6:30am! We set up our Super Filled Party Bags (Star and Heart) and a few of our gorgeous fillers and we introduced our personlised Stockings.

It was a busy sunny day, we met lots of lovely families and helped out lots of west london mummies with their party bags!!

We will hoepfully be doing portobello before Christmas with one of our favorite new Children's apparel and footwear company, Poco NidoOf course we will keep you updated via twitter and Facebook and not forgetting here! We hope to see you soon x

Portobello Green Market London.

Our Super Filled Party Bags.

Our little Stall at Portobello.

100% Cotton Personlised Stockings.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's loves Hema! and visited its antwerp store last week!!

I. Love. Antwerp. With my 'other' job I'm lucky enough to travel to places far and near researching trends and fashion, but I must say, the place I love the most has to be Antwerp. The shops are just amazing. I have never seen so many kids boutiques in one area, more then Northcote road SW11! The people are friendly and relaxed, the food is amazing, waffles and chocolate galore, and in Antwerp high street you will find one of my favorite shops, HEMA.

HEMA Antwerp High Street.

Imagine a mix of Ikea design and the practically of Woolworths that was. Hema sells everything! from sun cream to socks, toys to towels!

However when I'm in Antwerp you will find me in the home section of  HEMA, they do a fab collection of party wear, every thing you would need, table cloths, balloons, cake flags, paper plates, napkins and bunting. They use great colour combinations and clean sophisticated graphics, just looking at them get's me in the party mood. HEMA's products are reasonably priced, starting from only 1€!

Needless to say 85€ later I'm stocked up for another year! Cant wait to hang my new paper bunting for Christmas.............. sod it, buntings for life not just for Christmas!

Check out there website unfortunately not in english but gorgeous to look at all the same!

Party products from HEMA

Friday, 9 September 2011

Made for Mums Wandsworth review of party bags from TFPBC!!!

We have been busy sending out samples to Mums to see what they really think of our party bags and bunting. We have had a lovely review from Made for Mums Wandsworth! We are currently sourcing handle bags, as an alternative. Pics to follow.

Click here for the full review!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Mummy Reviews: Review of a personalised party bag from The Friend...

We had a lovely review this week from My mummy's reviews! We have taken on board the comment regarding the ingredients of our hand wrapped sweeties, and with us currently building our new fully functional web site we will of course be a adding this info............ Click below to see what they thought!

My Mummy Reviews: Review of a personalised party bag from The Friend...: Personalised party bag from The Friendly Party Bag Company
I was recently sent a lovely personalised party bag to review. It was mad...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

TFPBC Price List..........

Our Web site is still being built so (not so techie) little old me has managed to figure out how to add another page next to our home page........ see a example of our filled bags Super, Standard and Baby.....................x

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's ideas for Kids party food.

We all know kids can be funny about food, usually wanting to eat there body weight in chocolate rather then eating anything green! So when it comes to having a kids party, when they are bouncing off the walls as it is, getting them to eat anything slightly heathy can be a mission!

We have put together our favorite fun foodie ideas, found from our favorite place at the moment, you've guess it...... Pinterest!

A little inspiration, we hope it helps! just a note we advise parents not to put sweets out at their party, if they are giving out the our party bags during the party for the kids to play with as we fill our bags with individual hand weighed candy striped sweetie bags (hot pink for girls, colbolt blue for boys!) filled with just the right amount of Haribo sweeties which contain no artificial nastiness, just to limit the amount of bouncing!! Have fun at your party! x

Top left Lion bento box Kpolizzi
Middle left Milk shots  saras party perfect
Bottom left Rainbow fruit platter Tangled and true
Top Right Monster cup cakes Better Homes and Gardens
Bottom right Heart fruit kebabs  We Heart it

Thursday, 25 August 2011

From Party Bags to Shoes ......... Again!

For those of you who follow our blog often, you will know that, apart from our passion of all things Party, we love shoes too!!

My other Job is a Children's Footwear and Accessories Designer, and last week I was lucky enough to visit Ruston Ablett LTD a Footwear suppler and one of the few UK shoe factories still running. The factory and offices were originally build in 1902 and was a wooden last factory, moving into out soles in the 70's and then moving into wellington boots. In its hay day Northamptonshire was the mecca of the shoe manufacturing world, sadly one after the other the factories slowly closed, as production moved first to europe then east to China. Ruston Ablett also produce out of the far east for customers including, Barbour, Superdry, Vivienne Westwood, and Marks and Spencer.

Down a sleepy side street in Northampton in a beautiful victorian building you will find a work force of only 10 producing PVC wellies and Jellies for the UK market.

Outsole Moulds originally made in Italy.

Production being made.

Injection Machine for making PVC Wellies.

After a delicious pub lunch in what use to be the old BARRETTS  Head office, we then visited the Northampton Museum which explains the history of the Shoe industry and production as well as impressive collection of shoes through the ages. It was amazing to step back in time and in a way an nostalgic reminder of why I love shoes so much.

A few pictures from the Museum, love the Dr Martens stilts and the 1970's M&S high tops which are very much on trend now!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the guys for spending the day with us and showing us around!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Happy Customer Feedback!!!

What a fantastic start to the week! When we logged on Monday morning,trawling through our emails we found an email from a very happy customer, with some cute pics of the birthday girl giving out our Party Bags!! We love our jobs!! x

......"SUPERB. We ordered 16 personalised party bags and a string of bunting for my daughters 3rd birthday party last weekend, they went down an absolute storm not only with the kids but with the mothers too. We handed them out at the end of the party, by holding each bag up and saying oooh, an M –who's name begins with an M, then the relevant child came forward to take the bag, great for sneaking a bit of alphabet recognition in at a party! The kids loved having a special bag with their own initial on. The parents loved the whole ethos behind the company, being able to re use the bags and the idea of them being made from pre loved garments, they all wanted the bags for themselves –we actually had a spare L because 1 child didn't attend, this was nabbed by an L named mum, who went home ecstatic with her booty. The contents were superb and immediate, the first thing the kids did was pull out the masks and put them on. The sweets were in paper bags which meant they could all open their own. The mums cooed over the cuteness of the hand tied bundles of crayons, the kids asked for the gliders to be opened. The bags were full but there was still the right amount of room for the cake to be added.
The brown card labels with the company stamp on were really useful because we had different age bags but 5 A's, I wrote the names of the kids on the labels so we didn't get any mixed up.
I was really impressed with the bags, contents and the kids (and parents) reactions to them. It left me feeling really warm and like we'd really ended the party on a high.
The bunting was the best I've had, tonal pinks working really well together to make a really pretty long string of flags. The wording was neat and the whole thing was folded and pressed. Lovely. It's now decorating my daughters bedroom –we've turned it round so you can't see the happy birthday, but next year we'll take it down and re-use it.
We've been to quite a lot of parties this August and I can honestly say that all the other party bags my kids brought home were binned, along with most of their contents within 24 hours. We use the bags all the time, we have a T bag which was my husband's but is now designated for holding 'T'rains if we go out and about. A C bag (mine) which my daughter is allowed to fill with things for the 'C'ar. An A bag which gets filled with spare pants etc for nursery and an R bag which holds bangles and hair slides and hangs on the back of my daughters door. Brilliant.

Just a point to mention, for which I am grateful, the sweets are Haribo which usually are Gluten and Dairy free (both my children suffer from intolerances) so this was great for us and incredibly inclusive, no need for me to switch the sweets under my daughters nose making her feel different to her friends.

Thanks Friendly Party Bag Company for making my daughters special day even more special! I'm a convert to cloth party bags and will definitely re order from you again".............

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's ideas for up cycled flower decorations.

As you will know by now, we love a bit of up cycling! On one rainy afternoon I was editing the fridge and couldn't believe how many old jar of stuff were out of date! (disgraceful I know). So I emptied the jars, gave them a good wash and randomly started sticking flowers in them! Finished off with an old ribbon and you have got yourself a cute little flower arrangement that doesn't cost the earth. I've place them around the house, used them for an extra table decoration for a party (colour coordinated ribbon of cource), and even given them as a little gift. x

Monday, 15 August 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co Bring out the Bunting!!!

We have been busy this week bringing out the bunting!!! Soon to be added to our Esty Shop (bare with us!!) All of our Bunting is made from unwanted garments, and measure's approx 2.4m perfect for the children's bedroom, for a party or  the garden! £16 each.