Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Happy Customer Feedback!!!

What a fantastic start to the week! When we logged on Monday morning,trawling through our emails we found an email from a very happy customer, with some cute pics of the birthday girl giving out our Party Bags!! We love our jobs!! x

......"SUPERB. We ordered 16 personalised party bags and a string of bunting for my daughters 3rd birthday party last weekend, they went down an absolute storm not only with the kids but with the mothers too. We handed them out at the end of the party, by holding each bag up and saying oooh, an M –who's name begins with an M, then the relevant child came forward to take the bag, great for sneaking a bit of alphabet recognition in at a party! The kids loved having a special bag with their own initial on. The parents loved the whole ethos behind the company, being able to re use the bags and the idea of them being made from pre loved garments, they all wanted the bags for themselves –we actually had a spare L because 1 child didn't attend, this was nabbed by an L named mum, who went home ecstatic with her booty. The contents were superb and immediate, the first thing the kids did was pull out the masks and put them on. The sweets were in paper bags which meant they could all open their own. The mums cooed over the cuteness of the hand tied bundles of crayons, the kids asked for the gliders to be opened. The bags were full but there was still the right amount of room for the cake to be added.
The brown card labels with the company stamp on were really useful because we had different age bags but 5 A's, I wrote the names of the kids on the labels so we didn't get any mixed up.
I was really impressed with the bags, contents and the kids (and parents) reactions to them. It left me feeling really warm and like we'd really ended the party on a high.
The bunting was the best I've had, tonal pinks working really well together to make a really pretty long string of flags. The wording was neat and the whole thing was folded and pressed. Lovely. It's now decorating my daughters bedroom –we've turned it round so you can't see the happy birthday, but next year we'll take it down and re-use it.
We've been to quite a lot of parties this August and I can honestly say that all the other party bags my kids brought home were binned, along with most of their contents within 24 hours. We use the bags all the time, we have a T bag which was my husband's but is now designated for holding 'T'rains if we go out and about. A C bag (mine) which my daughter is allowed to fill with things for the 'C'ar. An A bag which gets filled with spare pants etc for nursery and an R bag which holds bangles and hair slides and hangs on the back of my daughters door. Brilliant.

Just a point to mention, for which I am grateful, the sweets are Haribo which usually are Gluten and Dairy free (both my children suffer from intolerances) so this was great for us and incredibly inclusive, no need for me to switch the sweets under my daughters nose making her feel different to her friends.

Thanks Friendly Party Bag Company for making my daughters special day even more special! I'm a convert to cloth party bags and will definitely re order from you again".............

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