Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's ideas for Kids party food.

We all know kids can be funny about food, usually wanting to eat there body weight in chocolate rather then eating anything green! So when it comes to having a kids party, when they are bouncing off the walls as it is, getting them to eat anything slightly heathy can be a mission!

We have put together our favorite fun foodie ideas, found from our favorite place at the moment, you've guess it...... Pinterest!

A little inspiration, we hope it helps! just a note we advise parents not to put sweets out at their party, if they are giving out the our party bags during the party for the kids to play with as we fill our bags with individual hand weighed candy striped sweetie bags (hot pink for girls, colbolt blue for boys!) filled with just the right amount of Haribo sweeties which contain no artificial nastiness, just to limit the amount of bouncing!! Have fun at your party! x

Top left Lion bento box Kpolizzi
Middle left Milk shots  saras party perfect
Bottom left Rainbow fruit platter Tangled and true
Top Right Monster cup cakes Better Homes and Gardens
Bottom right Heart fruit kebabs  We Heart it

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