Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co's Up cycled wrapping ideas.

You can not have a party without presents!

I have notice that when you stick wrapping paper into the recycling bins, the bin folk don't collect it! (the glossy coating must have something to do with it, need to research that!) What a waste, I love wrapping presents, I know slightly sad isn't it.  I have bags of ribbon that I have bought, saved and collected over the years, which I reuse time after time. When I give someone a present and they put the wrapping in the BIN (ekk!) I dive in afterwards to save it!

I wrap my gifts in brown parcel paper (defiantly recyclable!) with a silk bow, however always looking for new ideas, I found some fab ones on pinterest. Bring on the next birthday!

Top left up cycled magazine bows
Top right up cycled bits and bob wrapping
Bottom left woven paper gift topper
Bottom right rainbow yarn bows

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