Monday, 12 September 2011

The Friendly Party Bag Co 's loves Hema! and visited its antwerp store last week!!

I. Love. Antwerp. With my 'other' job I'm lucky enough to travel to places far and near researching trends and fashion, but I must say, the place I love the most has to be Antwerp. The shops are just amazing. I have never seen so many kids boutiques in one area, more then Northcote road SW11! The people are friendly and relaxed, the food is amazing, waffles and chocolate galore, and in Antwerp high street you will find one of my favorite shops, HEMA.

HEMA Antwerp High Street.

Imagine a mix of Ikea design and the practically of Woolworths that was. Hema sells everything! from sun cream to socks, toys to towels!

However when I'm in Antwerp you will find me in the home section of  HEMA, they do a fab collection of party wear, every thing you would need, table cloths, balloons, cake flags, paper plates, napkins and bunting. They use great colour combinations and clean sophisticated graphics, just looking at them get's me in the party mood. HEMA's products are reasonably priced, starting from only 1€!

Needless to say 85€ later I'm stocked up for another year! Cant wait to hang my new paper bunting for Christmas.............. sod it, buntings for life not just for Christmas!

Check out there website unfortunately not in english but gorgeous to look at all the same!

Party products from HEMA

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