Monday, 12 March 2012

The Friendly Party Bag Co's little trip to L.A.

Sorry we missed you last week, the other job as a footwear designer took me to the city of Los Angeles.

I love LA, the weather, the chilled friendly people and of course the shopping!

Unfortunately time was short (and I'm rubbish in taking pics!), therefore not much party info to report on, however I did capture a few random pics...............

Gorgeous cake stands down Abbot Kinney.

Love this shop display, this would be perfect in our studio for storing all of our party bag fillers!

The most amazing Deli in Santa Monica, and its named after my late Grandmother....
(saw Tim Vincent in there!)

Yes really, a little dog in a cross body bag of a sales assistant!!!......

Cute graffiti down on Melrose Av.

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