Monday, 17 September 2012

Party Bag Fillers

We have been asked a lot recently if we could add just fillers to our shop.

They are perfect, not only for party bag fillers, or pass the parcel gifts but also as we lead up to Christmas, great for advent gifts or stocking fillers!

Check out the latest edition to our family.......

Colouring Pencils 50p each.

Baby Bath Boats 50p each.

Butterfly and Plane gliders 40p each.

Jet balls 35p each.

Wooden sand yatchs £2.50 each.

Wooden Dinos 50p each.

1 comment:

Debs_TC said...

Wooden toys are great, kids and adults love them and a little gift from a party bag could one day be a vintage toy passed through the family, love the Dino's and sand yachts