Monday, 22 April 2013

We Love 'Ketchup On Everything' by Kay Vincent...........

Kay lives in London and has a passion for rummaging in junk shops, screen printing & Ketchup on everything!

Kay's designs are screen printed by herself in a studio in south east London. She love's turning blank pieces of paper into stories which can be shared by others and through their simplistic nature, encourage the viewer to use their imagination, and remind them not to take life too seriously.....Everything tastes better with ketchup!
She make's other bits and bobs which are all made in the uk, her tea towels are a popular gift!

Her prints are inspired by treasure finds in junk shops, She love's collecting retro story books.

The name 'Ketchup On Everything' came about as she wants her designs to be enjoyed by everyone, like ketchup!

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The entire Ketchup on every thing alphabetical animal gang!

Jolly Jelly Fish!

Nursing Nightingale........

Outer Space Octopus

Weightlifting Walrus.....

Have a fab week!


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